Cell vulnerability and progression

The primary objectives of basic and clinical research in Parkinson’s disease are the understanding of the different vulnerability of the dopaminergic neurons from midbrain regions and the mechanisms whereby pathology becomes widespread. To progress in stopping neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease it is mandatory to understand the mechanism responsible for intrinsic SNc neuronal vulnerability. The disease progresses in three different stages: Early, Moderate and Advanced stages. In the early stage tremor is the first symptom. As the disease progresses it may lead to Dementia in few cases. 
  • Selective neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson disease
  • Alpha-synuclein and sidekicks
  • Alpha-synuclein transmission and neuroinflammation
  • Nigrostriatal dopaminergic system
  • Electrophysiological determinants
  • Dopaminergic nigrostriatal pathway
  • Dopaminergic cell vulnerability
  • Consequent striatal dopamine (DA) deficiency

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